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Distribution of Financial Services to Low-Income Markets

Health Financing for Low Income Households

Migrants and Financial Inclusion

Remittances from the U.S. to Latin America and the Caribbean: Following the Money Journey. Inter-American Development Bank, April 2019.

Insurance Mechanisms to Help Migrants Caught in Countries Experiencing Crisis- Issue BriefMICIC Initiative (Co-chaired by the Government of the Philippines and the United States of America). March 2016


Immigrant Financial Services Study, New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, November 2013


Formalizing the Informal Insurance Inherent in Migration: Exploring the Potential Links Between Migration, Remittance, and MicroinsuranceMicroinsurance Innovation Facility, March 2011


Hand Out or Hand Up: Microfinance, Remittances and Entrepreneurship in Nicaragua, Technical Brief. Microfinance Gateway, November 2007.

Value and Impact of Financial Services

Measuring Social Impact in Microfinance, Triple Jump. March 2014

Is there value in microinsurance? Microinsurance Innovation Facility, January 2014

Do Clients Get Value from Microinsurance?: A Systematic Review of Recent and Current Research, Microinsurance Centre, March 2011

Consumer Protection


Economic and Financial Systems and Financial Inclusion

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