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Issue Areas​

Public Policy and Research

There are critical links between research, learning and action. At EA, our research identifies gaps in the market, new policies and makes informed solutions. We ensure that quantitative and qualitative information about clients is incorporated in our work to give clients a “voice” in the process.  Our research is markedly independent and objective.


Examples of our work:

  • Led a study of financial needs and access among immigrants in New York City for the New York City Office of Financial Empowerment

  • Designed a comprehensive framework for the MicroInsurance Network for assessing consumer protection issues related to microinsurance

  • Worked with the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) to gather the experience of 12 leading financial service providers who offer savings for youth and design a framework for the business case for youth savings

  • Supported the SMART Campaign in the expansion of its Client Protection Standards for microfinance to more fully incorporate of microinsurance.

  • Developed a strategy for the Brazilian insurance association CNseg in financial education for microinsurance

  • Collaborated in the design of a support program by the Chilean government for micro- and small businesses to support the development and distribution of a microinsurance product

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