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Issue Areas​

Measuring Social Outcomes

Achieving social impact or outcomes is essential to creating value for low- and middle-income households, whether a program is commercial, social or a hybrid.  Though crucial, these outcomes can be difficult to measure.  We believe that outcomes can be measured in multiple ways depending on the objectives, resources and available information of an institution.  EA Consultants works closely with private and public institutions to identify their theory of change and the methods and indicators most able to measure its effectiveness. 

Examples of our work: 

  • Worked with a digital financial service platform, JUMO, to define and measure a theory of change among users of digital loans in East Africa

  • Conducted three randomized control trials in conjunction with academic partners to measure the value and effectiveness of offering inclusive insurance to end customers

  • Conducted seminal research with Triple Jump Investments to identify the client outcomes of three microfinance institutions in Bolivia, Guatemala and Paraguay

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