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Issue Areas​

Financial Inclusion

Financial service providers throughout the world are benefitting from unprecedented recognition and access to capital. This, in turn, has allowed the sector to provide millions of the world’s low-income households and businesses with credit and other financial services. We believe that low and middle income customers should access well tailored products that can help unleash business opportunities, mitigate risks and accumulate assets. Yet even where available, these are not always offered responsibly.  We work with financial institutions to ensure shared value to clients, staff, management and shareholders or donors.   

Examples of our work:

  • Conducted a strategic analysis of Satin Credit Care, a leading microfinance institution in India to identify opportunities to increase competitiveness and financial performance by strengthening the client value  proposition

  • Analyzed the business models and financial outlook of two innovative fintechs in Mexico on behalf of an investor from the Swiss Development Corporation

  • Researched 13 cases of financial institutions promoting small deposit savings and developed a framework for understanding the business case for UNCDF

  • Led an evaluation of the IDB/MIF’s second line of activity (LOA2), a US$8.9 million technical assistance line aimed at strengthening financial institutions that offer services to low-income segments throughout Latin America and the Caribbean

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