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Issue Areas​

Gender and Development

Although microfinance has provided millions of women with access to working capital, women-owned business are still smaller and slower growing than male-owned businesses.  Similarly, digital financial solutions have reached men more effectively than they have women.  Any development solution, both in its focus and in its design, must take into account issues of gender. We incorporate a gender perspective into all of our work and seek to identify opportunities toward greater gender equity.


Examples of our work:

  • Created a diagnostic and set of recommendations addressing barriers to women's leadership roles at a leading microfinance institution in Latin America

  • Studied the role of women in leadership in 136 microfinance institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean financed by the IDB/ MIF and Calmeadow Foundation

  • Designed a women's health insurance product in Guatemala for a leading bank's small savings clients

  • Created an evaluation for IDB/MIF as part of a project with Women’s World Banking aimed at improving  access to credit and financial services for women who live in rural areas of Colombia, Paraguay, and Peru

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