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Microfinance and Financial Inclusion

Building Up Business: Microenterprise Demand for Credit in the Caribbean. Magnoni, Barbara,  Poulton, Derek, Sobol. Danielle. Inter-American Development Bank and FOMIN. May 2014.

In Search of Solid Ground: Understanding the Financial Vulnerabilities of Microbusiness Owners. Williams, Lauren and Wiedrich, Kasey. CFED. April 2014.

Immigrant Financial Services Study. Bloomberg, Michael and Mintz, Jonathan. New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. November 2013.

Will the Bottom of the Pyramid Hit Bottom? The Effects of the Global Credit Crisis on the Microfinance Sector. Magnoni, Barbara and Powers, Jennifer. US Agency for International Development. March 2009.

Person-To-Person Lending: Is Financial Democracy a Click Away? Powers, Jennifer, Magnoni, Barbara, Knapp, Sarah. US Agency for International Development. September 2008.

Review of DCA Credit Guarantee for MFI Access to Commercial Credit in Mexico: The Unión Progreso Case. Magnoni, Barbara. United States Agency for International Development, microReport #82. March 2006.



Is there value in microinsurance? Dalal, Aparna, Zimmerman, Emily, Magnoni, Barbara, Matul, Michal. Microinsurance Innovation Facility. January 2014.

Protecting those Left Behind: An Experimental Study of Life Microinsurance Purchase Decisions of Compartamos Banco's Borrowers in Mexico. Bauchet, Jonathan, Zimmerman, Emily, Magnoni, Barbara, and Poulton, Derek. Mircoinsurance Centre. January 2013.

A Microinsurance Puzzle: How Do Demand Factors Link to Client Value? McCord, Michael J., Magnoni, Barbara, Zimmerman, Emily. Microinsurance Centre. January 2012.

Do Clients Get Value from Microinsurance?: A Systematic Review of Recent and Current Research. Magnoni, Barbara, Zimmerman, Emily. Microinsurance Centre. Mar 2011.

Extending Social Insurance to Informal Sector Workers in Nicaragua via Microfinance Institutions. Hatt, Laurel, Thornton, Rebecca, Magnoni, Barbara. United States Agency for International Development.October 2009.


Gender and Financial Services

Pure Perseverance: A study of women's small businesses in Colombia. Magnoni, Barbara and Powers, Jennifer. Inter-American Development Bank and FOMIN. 2013.

Risks Across Borders: A Study of the Potential of Microinsurance Products to Help Migrants Cope with Cross Border Risks. Magnoni, Barbara, Lovoi, Annette, Brown, Julia, Thornton, Rebecca. Inter-American Development Bank and FOMIN. September 2010.

A Business to Call Her Own: Identifying, Analyzing and Overcoming Constraints to Women’s Small Businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean. Powers, Jennifer and Magnoni, Barbara. Inter-American Development Bank and FOMIN. April 2010.



"The Right Touch" - Reducing Distribution Costs in Alternative Channels for Microinsurance. Poulton, Derek and Magnoni, Barbara. Microinsurance Centre. May 2014.


Consumer Protection and Mircoinsurance

“Pure” Intentions and Practice: Challenges and Good Practices in Consumer Protection in Mircoinsurance. Zimmerman, Emily, Magnoni, Barbara, Carmago, Andrea. Mircoinsurance Network. 2013.


Insurance and Migration

Formalizing the Informal Insurance Inherent in Migration: Exploring the Potential Links Between Migration, Remittance and Mircoinsurance. Powers, Jennifer, Magnoni, Barbara, Zimmerman, Emily. Mircoinsurance Innovation Facility. March 2011.

Hand out or Hand Up: Microfinance, Remittances and Entrepreneurship in Nicaragua. Magnoni, Barbara, Matranga, Benjamin, Thornton, Rebecca. Microfinance Gateway. November 2007.


Other Publications and Articles of Interest:

Hard times pushing mirco-entrepreneurs to save—study. Martin-Wilkins, Arlene. Jamaica Observer. June 2014.

¡Dinero! The Economics of Mexican Migration: May 9 with Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Lehman Today. May 2014.

Deflating the Promise of Using Remittances to Cope with Financial Shocks. Magnoni, Barbara. Financial Access Initiative. March 2014.

Microfinance: does it pay off for the poor? Magnoni, Barbara. The Guardian. 2014

Studying MicroEnsure’s “Obra Pa” Insurance in Ghana. Magnoni, Barbara. Making Finance Work for Africa. November 2013.

Barbara Magnoni on microfinance product design. Starita, Laura. Innovatios for Poverty Action. October 2010.

Adrian Franco is Giving Immigrants Tools to Improve their Financial Lives. Magnoni, Barbara, Luce, Jim. Daily Kos. August 2010.

Migrantes, nicho de oportunidad para aseguradoras. Dionisio, Marisol. El Economista.May 2010.

Paper Wrap-up: Will the Bottom of the Pyramid Hit Bottom? Stanisljevic, Zoran. MicroCapital Monitor.May 2009.

Jackson Heights Festival: Film and Food Like No Other.  Magnoni, Barbara. The Daily Kos. October 2009.

Haitian Diaspora Unites Across U.S.  Luce, J., Magnoni, B. Fonkoze.  The Huffington Post. May 2009.

Small Fortunes. Price, Michelle. The Banker.October 2008.



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Health Mircoinsurance Webinar. SEEP Network. October 2013.

MILK Client Value Reflections after a Hurricane in NYC. Michael J McCord. November 2012.

MILK Client Math Field Work 2011. Barbara Magnoni. November 2011.

Estudios › ¿Qué factores limitan la relación de las mujeres con las microfinanzas? FOMIN/IDB. February 2011.

Microinsurance in Colombia After Floods: Microentrepreneur experience. Barbara Magnoni. January 2011.

Meeting the Insurance Needs of Low-Income Migrants and their Families. Mircoinsurance Innovation Facility. December 2010.