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Our Work

Access to Finance 

As a recognized leader in the microfinance industry, we offer our clients a broad range of services that help institutions improve competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

Microfinance institutions throughout the world are benefitting from unprecedented recognition and access to capital. This, in turn, has allowed the sector to provide millions of the world’s microentrepreneurs with credit and other financial services. EA Consultants’ work considers the competitive needs of the sector, with a strong emphasis in providing value to clients. We are a recognized leader of innovation in the industry, offering a broad range of services including:

  • Research and project incubation;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Data mining and analysis;
  • Client learning strategies;
  • Credit risk methodologies;
  • Product development and costing;
  • Asset and liability management;
  • Financial planning and restructuring.

Public Policy and Research

Our research identifies gaps in the market, new policies and makes informed solutions

EA Consultants believes that there are critical links between research, learning and action. Before implementing a new program or policy, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of the current market and of all the positive and negative effects that the strategy may produce. Our approach incorporates academic and programmatic research. We ensure that quantitative and qualitative information about clients is incorporated in our work to give clients a “voice” in the process. By recognizing gaps in the market, we can create appropriate solutions to address those areas of critical need. Our research is markedly independent and objective.

Social Protection and Microinsurance

We help donor agencies, governments, networks and private organizations develop sustainable markets for microinsurance products and social protection initiatives.

Low- and middle-income countries often lack the resources to provide their citizens with sufficient safety nets and social protection services to protect them from the devastating effects of external shocks. In the absence of these public programs, microinsurance can help the poor mitigate risk. Yet, microinsurance is not just about "small policies." It involves tailoring products and processes to a new, low-income target while taking into account the demands of the market. EA Consultants recognizes that innovation in this field does not only emanate from the private sector. Whether through social security, microinsurance or other programs, governments play an important role in helping to mitigate the risk of vulnerable populations. We provide advisory and research services to insurance companies, donor agencies, governments, networks and private organizations to develop sustainable microinsurance and social protection strategies.

Gender and Development

We recognize that any development solution, both in its focus and in its design, must take into account issues of gender.

Women contribute significantly to the livelihoods of their families. However, they often lack sufficient access to financial tools, training and social protection mechanisms that take into account their particular needs. Although microfinance has provided millions of women with access to working capital, women-owned business are still smaller and slower growing than male-owned businesses. Our programs take gender differences into account, to ensure that solutions can be most effective. As a women-owned firm, we are particularly aware of the integral role that women have in international development. We recognize that any development solution, both in its focus and in its design, must take into account complex gender issues.

A summary of our projects in these four different areas can be found here.